About Us

Here’s who we are

Our Products are designed for SMB’s. See how we can help you grow. Sign up or request a demo.
  • Our Services

    Mobile App development (Our strength), Management Consulting & Custom software development.

  • Our Products

    Gridweb = Web Portals | Griddrive = Cloud Storage | Gridvox = VoIP Voice Services

  • Custom Projects

    Small to large projects, Mobile app or a custom software, we focus on bringing your ideas to life.

Our Focus

We focus on the SMB market. From startup entrepreneurs to medium business, we understand the limited resources you have and the tools you need to compete in the global market place. We strive to bring you Cloud products that enable you to compete with the best of companies without breaking the bank.


Our Mission is to be the catalyst for the SMB market, enabling their growth with competitive cloud products and services.


The cloud empowers, individuals and small businesses to instantly set up enterprise-class services enabling them to compete globally.

Tad Summerfield – President Grid365